Intersections 2

©Cy Matthews Semrau

The photographs in “Horizons” illustrate a motion inherent in our memories of backgrounds and landscapes, how a person’s movement through time and space  becomes an impression, sometimes captured “on film”.  These images consist of layered photographs from different perspectives–the “ghost” image, phantom landscapes, and self-created fantasy.  In this art, the photographer proposes what actually is real, and an interpretation of what is real in motion.

Statement for “Horizons and Intersections”

“Intersections” is a series of photographs about the places where people move across one another, and the photographer is like a shade, not in the scene,  but photographing the anticipation of movement and change.   In “Horizons”, the artist chooses to view the landscape while in motion.   So, then, the photographer looks at the physical world and sees shades, or passing shadows, as she changes and moves.

“Horizons” participated in the ACP (Atlanta Celebrates Photography) Festival 2014

“Intersections” continued the series by participating in ACP at the same location in October 2015 thru 2016. 

Open Studio Event–The B Complex, 1272 Murphy Avenue, Atlanta, GA –Studio 402 Sunday, May 17th, 2015, 1-4 pm.

Studio–The Gasworks Gallery, 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA. Office- 5325 Ballard Ave. N.W. Suite 214, Seattle, WA. 98107


Cy Matthews Semrau currently lives in Seattle, Washington near the Ballard district. Some years ago she exhibited her Drawings throughout the Southeast, in a few galleries, many art festivals, and a restaurant. Today, she exhibits and publishes her Photographs locally and online.

Visit http://www.cy-matthews-semrau.org